Sherita Furlow


Prophetess & Evangelist Sherita Furlow is the wife of Bishop, Pastor Aaron Furlow Sr. of Assemblies Of Christ inc. currently serving in Central, Florida. She is the mother of two beautiful baby girls and most of all, a woman who is ‘God-Centered’ instead of ‘self-centered’. She is the Author of “Thoughts Of A Prophetic Mind” encouragement quote book. She is the founder of Fisher of men Homeless Outreach inc. at She has appeared on WWHNO TV20 on her show¬†called Great Awakening Broadcast. Her heart’s desire is to teach other men & women how important it is to understand why they were chosen and born on this earth for such a time as this. Her dynamic approach is to help women understand this and to be the best they can be by allowing God to change our hearts, minds and souls by the power of the Holy Spirit. God has anointing her to Preach, Teach, & sing songs of worship in order to inspire and encourage others that are lost or weak in their faith.¬† Evangelist Sherita is devoted to leading others to Christ. She strongly believes that if God can heal, deliver and save her, than he can do the same for others.This women has overcame many many attacks against her try but yet she still stands with a heart for Gods People so that God will be Glorified!!. Her passion is to see Gods people healed,delivered and set free by the power of God!!! Over the years God has used her to minister , prophesy, encourage hundreds and hundreds of women over the years of Ministry. She is determined to see the work of God revealed in her women’s Ministry until the day of Jesus Christ!!